Deposits of All fees must be paid in advance – NO EXCEPTIONS. (check Web)

Balance of All  hunting fees  must be paid on arrival – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Bank Details:

Commonwealth Bank, 324 Rouse St. Tenterfield 2372

Account No. 10152005    BSB:  062605



Guests will arrive after 10.00am and leave before 10.00am or extra day rate charged all forms to be filled out before access to property granted, unless other arrangements have been confirmed!! 

Hunters must hold a G License or R License from Game Council NSW as by law to hunt deer.

Hunters MUST have their own insurance cover either with an approved Hunting organisation such as SSAA / ABA / Australian Deer Association or equivalent. Proof of membership will be requested!

Hunters may only shoot Deer,wild pigs,Rabbits and at no time should Goats, native animals/reptiles be shot or injured.

Hunters are entitled to: One meat Doe per Paying hunter per Trip. Extra fee for additional Trophies available. Subject to health numbers of the herd

Hunters must remove and dispose of all rubbish from properties and must be left in the same condition as found on arrival.

Hunters must be aware of current fire restrictions in accordance with seasons and must speak to property Manager on arrival before lighting any fires.

Minors must be supervised at all times by an accompanying adult.

All feral game must be humanely dispatched. Any injured animals domestic and feral must be reported to the property Manager.

NO firearms to be brought or used on properties

NO dogs allowed on properties.

Hunters must be aware that a 4WD is needed on some areas of the properties.

Hunters MUST be aware of the boundary fences and MUST stay within the boundary of the property.

Trespassers will be prosecuted if found on neighbouring properties. A map is posted in the hut.

Hunters that Fish are covered in the Hunting day, fee rate.

Fisherman must not have any Hunting Equipment ON THE PROPERTY or they will be charged the Hunting Rate.

All fishing is to be conducted with a current fishing license as required in NSW and in accordance with the rules and regulations of each species caught.

All fishing is catch and release only.

Fishing is only permitted between the boundaries of the property.

Guests are to take all rubbish with them and leave the camp site as they found it.  – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Hunters shall use the premises for hunting purposes only.

Hunters may not cut or damage trees, crops, roads, dwellings, fences, buildings or other Property on the property.

Hunter agrees to repair any damage he/she causes and to return the land and property to the Landowner in its prior condition at the hunter’s sole cost and expense.

Hunter may not drive nails or other metal objects into trees for building deer stands or any other purpose.

Any deer stands built should be temporary stand-alone stands or constructed in such a way as to not damage trees or property, and are to be removed upon the cancellation or expiration of the Hunting Agreement. Deer stands not removed within (30) days after expiration of this agreement become the property of the Landowner.

It is understood that the land consists of mostly undeveloped and untamed land, and the hunter accepts the land in an “as is” condition and further, the hunter understands that hunting is a dangerous activity that there may be hidden hazards, including but not limited to dangers such as cliffs, caves, rock slides, holes, fence wire, snakes, brush, dams, harmful plants, poisonous animals and insects, bats or other wild animals, other hunters or other risks that may be dangerous, injure him/her or cause death and the Hunter assumes all these risks as his/her own responsibility, without recourse against the Landowner.

The Hunter further acknowledges that the Hunter and all of their invitees or guests(NB: G&S must be informed and waivers signed by so called invitees before access to properties is granted) are experienced hunters and recognise the inherent dangers of injury, which exist during hunting trips and the Hunter further acknowledges that the Hunter, his invitees and guests are experienced in the use of archery equipment and recognise the inherent dangers of injury and possible death in the activity of Bow Hunting.


G&S Bow Hunting Safaris reserves the right to refuse entry to any person they see fit.

G&S Bow Hunting Safaris reserves the right to order any person or group who disobey the rules, cause trouble or are a nuisance to leave the property immediately, irrespective of any payments already made to the owner.