About Us

G&S Bow Hunting Safaris are a New BOW HUNTING ONLY operation in the New England Region of NSW. It offers camping and Bow Hunting opportunities for Wild Goats, Fallow Deer, Fox, Rabbits and Feral Pigs. In addition there are fishing opportunities available along the Mole River for Murray Cod and Yellow Belly.

A strict catch and release fishing policy applies at the moment.

G&S Bow Hunting Safaris  is owned and operated by Sue, a well seasoned rifle hunter, Bow Hunter and is off the land, she have over 50,000acs of hunting concessions tied up for different safaris and can cater for all types of tailored  Hunting and outdoor experiences .

Sue, a accomplished hunter and has just recently taken up the bow and guys watch out, Sues grassing some pretty impressive trophy type ferals herself and will be giving us all a run for our money in the Hunting scene. So ladies don’t just sit their waiting for Hubby, get out there and give it a go also.

Hunting properties and concessions are in the Torrington Valley, Sundown National Park and Mole river system. This area presents some pretty challenging and picturesque activities. The location is situated between the towns of Tenterfield, Torrington and Bonshaw. Also the Mole River offers the keen angler a chance to land one of the areas prized Murray Cod or Yellow Belly, it’s purely a catch and release program at the moment but the river is loaded with fish and excitement.

 G&S Bow Hunting Safaris has several camping areas all dependant on what activity you have booked in for. The “River Camp” a 4wd is not necessary but advisable. It has a bush toilet, shower, a water tank, an undercover area with BBQ plate and a relaxing view of the river. Fire wood is provided for your
comfort at all camps for the cooler nights.

“Outfitters Bend Camp” is a camp site where 4x4 vehicle access is literally the only way in. Flat, river edge campsites spread all along this stretch of river and you are right in the centre of the action. With views you would die for. Game is abundant, just sitting down in the camp chair having a coldie, goats can be seen feeding and bedding down all over the surrounding hills.

Trophy hunters and the new to the hunting side of archery can all have a successful hunt with this operation. Just the camping side of the experience, sitting around the campfire and enjoying the surroundings is worth the modest day rate alone. But if you want to do the yards and put in the effort, you will have that opportunity to grass that trophy. Bush toilet, shower, fresh water tank and BBQ plate are also available at this camp.

So book in and we will see you soon in the paddock.