Reviewing this outfitter crew, as a client, was a treat, plenty of laughs, game opportunities and successes. Sue knows her Game and put a lot of sweat and tears into giving you a great Bowhunting experience. Goats,pigs and deer a plenty. I spent a lot of time with the crew and my Tally was a Rabbit, one large Boar, a meat Buck for the camp and a 210 Point Buck,my personal Best and the best roar i have ever had in my 20+ Years of Bow hunting. Anyways get in and book a seat, it will be hard to get in soon. Best of luck with your venture Sue 
- Col Ross 

I recently joined G&S Bowhunting Safaris for the 2013 fallow rut. As a less experienced bowhunter, it was an awesome time and a steep learning curve that I will benefit from for years to come. The guides, Grant and Col, were very patient and gave me several opportunities to ground my first deer. We saw plenty of Fallow and each hunt resulted in a stalk on a trophy stag or a doe for the freezer. Although I didn't manage to ground a deer, there were lots pigs and goats and I managed to take two respectable billie's (FKOS) in one afternoon. I would gladly recommend G&S Bowhunting safaris. With plenty of game, comfortable camping facilities and very experienced guides, they offer a terrific experience for any level of bowhunter.
- Oscar Shepard

Had a great time in the G&S Bowhunting Safaris Deer Camp, saw plenty of game had numerous opportunities on good Bucks.The camp was an experience in itself. Will be booking ASAP for the 2013 Goat Hunt.
- Gavin Hal

Sue has not long opened up a lot of country for Bow Hunters. Exceptional quality game, and she is a great person to have in your camp. Sue took her first Pig early this year and has knocked over a few goats with her bow since. Check the site out and book a hunt, you will not be disappointed! 

 - Justin 77

If you are a true outdoors person….one who enjoys bow hunting or fishing in some of Australia’s spectacular Tenterfield trap-rock country, then G&S Bow Hunting Safaris is for you. Your host, Sue provided some great opportunities to bow hunt wild goats, pigs and fallow deer and if you are looking to add in some catch and release fishing for Murray Cod and Golden Perch, then they will be only too happy to assist. 

From firsthand experience, I can certainly bear witness to the number of wild goat, fallow deer as well as Murray Cod in the clear pristine waters of the Mole River. On a recent hunting trip with Sue, I wanted to take a goat for dog meet and after a one hour walk from camp, we had two hanging in the tree being dressed. On returning to camp and with the meat packed away on ice…we headed out to spin for some cod. After thirty minutes, the first cod was caught and released. What a morning; and this was just our first morning! Great host and fantastic hunting & fishing. What more can an outdoors person want?

 - Ian Sainsbury